Before, During and After

Before Class
  •  Please choose functional, comfortable attire that allows you to move
    easily --- stretch, bend, twist, and do inversions; e.g. a T-shirt and long pants. (If you prefer shorts, they should reach your knees or be close fitting).
    Yoga is ideally done barefoot.
  • Bring an exercise mat. You might also find it useful to bring a small hand-towel and water bottle.
  •   Please do not consume heavy meals close to the start of class. Any heavy meals you have had should have been consumed at least 3 hrs before class time. However, if the need arises, very light snacks or liquids may be consumed 60 minutes before class time. 
  •  Please put your cell phone  on silent mode.
  • You should not exercise if you are feeling unwell. On those days you may rest at the back of the class, engaging in the relaxation exercises. 
  • Do inform the instructor before class of any injuries, illness, recent surgery or serious health problems (e.g. high blood pressure or herniated disc), or if you are feeling unwell (headache, fever, etc).
  • If you are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, you should first get a doctor's permission to exercise.
  • Yoga, when practised with awareness, is generally beneficial. However, as with any new physical activity, there is a small possibility that some participants, despite the best of intentions, might experience some adverse effects. Although such possibilities are not likely in general, we wish you, the participant, to acknowledge this advisory.
    In particular, you, the participant, kindly agree to take responsibility for your health, and you further agree that neither Simplicityoga nor any of its instructors is in any way, directly or indirectly,  responsible or liable for any adverse effects that you might experience, due to your Yoga practice.