1. Is Yoga a Religion?
    No. Yoga is a set of techniques for you to realise your chosen uplifting goals ("self-realisation"). It can be practised by anyone who is dedicated and who has been properly instructed. 
    However, if you are religious or spiritual you may incorporate your beliefs into your Yoga practise.
  2. Are there any prayers during Simplicityoga sessions. 
    No. But there are moments of quiet where the participants can engage in relaxing visualisation, meditation or quiet personal prayer of their choosing.
  3. What styles of (Hatha) Yoga do you teach?
    In a general class we adopt a mixture of styles which might be characterised as "classical, gentle, vinyasa, restorative and yin". The mixture is varied to suit the participants goals and abilities. 
  4. I am not flexible and am daunted by the Yoga poses I have seen on the web.
    Gradually, you will become more flexible by the end of the course. In any case, you do not have to contort yourself to enjoy the benefits of yoga.
  5. Is there a minimum or maximum age limit for Yoga?
    We accept participants from ages 14 onwards. For seniors, practices can be adapted using, for example, a chair.
  6. Can I get a good cardio workout with Yoga?
    Certain yoga routines, such as Suryanamaskar, provide resistance training and a good cardio workout. But Yoga also involves  stretching, developing awareness of body, and moving in harmony with  breath, which bring other benefits as discussed in another section (see left pane).
  7. Must I stop my other physical exercises once I start Yoga?
    There is no reason for you to stop other sustainable sports, swimming, brisk walking, cycling, etc. Just observe the suggestion under "After" (see pane on left).
  8. What types of courses do you offer?
    We provide structured courses for absolute beginners and tailored courses for current practitioners who would like to extend or personalise their routines, or for those who would like to use Yoga for healing. (see Our Courses on left pane) 
  9. I already have some Yoga experience, can I skip the Beginners course and join the Intermediate class?
    This can be arranged after an assessment of your readiness.
  10. Can I request for the class to focus on specific goals ? 
    Yes, do let us know your goals. If they cannot be incorporated into a group class you may arrange for a private class.
  11. Where are the classes held? 
    Classes are held either at the ECpark, at your residence or your organisation.
  12. How big are the classes?
    It is up t you to form your group.
  13. When will the classes start?
    Whenever we have a request, we will try to arrange for a class as soon as possible.
  14. If I have a chronic ailment (e.g. hypertension, back pain, diabetes, high-cholesterol, insomnia, digestive disorder, anxiety disorder, etc) can I use Yoga for healing?
    Yes, we conduct private, one-on-one, therapy classes for the healing of chronic non-communicable ailments.(See Science of Yoga on left pane). Group therapy courses are also possible e.g. ``Yoga for Health and Healing".
  15. What are the rates?
    The rates depend on the type of class and on the location (as transport costs have to be factored in). Please see Rates and Advisory 

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