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Rates and Advisory

  1. The fees suggested below are for private classes (for your own group).
  2. The "+"  factors in variables such as  type of yoga class,  exceptional timings, special situations,   venue  (as exceptional  transport costs have to be factored in) and length of package.
  3. Reduction in fees available on request for seniors, schools, and special cases.
  1. Outdoor yoga at East Coast Park (near Siglap Park Connector).
    Per session:
    $10(+) per person or $60 (+)  per  group, whichever amount is larger.
  2. At your chosen location.
    Per session:
    $10(+) per person or $80 (+)  per  group, whichever amount is larger.

E.g.  Suppose that a  session at Buona Vista costs $120; if the group had 6 persons, each would pay 120/6= $20 per session. But if there were 14 persons in that group, each would pay $10 (so the group as a whole would pay $140 per session).
    Please note the following general guidelines:
  1. Each session is normally 60-75 mins.
  2. To ensure continuity, at most one class may be carried forward per month by a participant in pre-paid courses. But all carries should be used within a minimal extension period. E.g. an 8 week course should be completed within 10 weeks beyond which the carries expire.
  3. Cancellations and request for refunds of pre-paid packages require 4 weeks notice and the refund amount, if any, will be calculated from the unused portion after the 4 week notice, using, in general, the un-discounted rate for the used portion. (Refunds do not apply to individuals opting out of pre-paid group packages).
  4. In extremely exceptional cases, the instructor might have to postpone or cancel a class or package altogether, in which case participants will be offered a refund or other options.
  5. These general guidelines may be modified on a discretionary basis to account for changed circumstances.
  6. Participants are reminded to please read and acknowledge the Before, During and After notes, in particular with regard to their medical condition, and to practise Yoga according to their limitations.  
  7.  ADVISORY: Yoga, when practiced with awareness, is generally beneficial. However, as with any new physical activity, there is a small possibility that some participants, despite the best of intentions, might experience some adverse effects. Although such possibilities are not likely in general, we wish you, the participant, to acknowledge this advisory.
    In particular, you, the participant, kindly agree to take responsibility for your health, and you further agree that neither Simplicityoga nor any of its instructors is in any way, directly or indirectly, responsible or liable for any adverse effects that you might experience, due to your Yoga practice.
  8. "When in doubt take a nap. When in doubt in Yoga, do  the corpse pose" --- R. R. P.
Thank You ! :)