Revitalise yourself with gentle classical yoga.
In this class we will focus on techniques for releasing physical tension, 
stimulating digestion and circulation, and harmonising the mind with the body.

No prior experience required. All are welcome*.

After the hour long class we will have a Q/A session to discuss any issues of interest, 

followed by a refreshing brunch.

About the Instructor:
Rajesh is a certified Yoga instructor and professional scientist.
You can read more about him at

*Places are limited, so please register early. Class might be cancelled if there are less than a minimum number. Please bring a large towel or exercise mat. If you need a light snack before class, please do it at least one hour beforehand (but liquids may be consumed later). Do not exercise if you are feeling unwell, have had recent injuries or surgeries. Kindly practise yoga with awareness, according to your limitations and abilities.

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