Types of Classes

1. Restorative Yoga
In this course, the focus will be on relieving physical and physiological stress through gentle stretches, breath awareness, and relaxation exercises.

2. Beginner's Classical Yoga
Covers basic asanas for flexibility, tension relief, alignment, balance, and toning.
Pranayamas: Diaphragmatic breathing, Cooling breath and Humming Bee Breath.
Includes stress management tips. 

3. Gentle Classical Yoga
A gentler version (in terms of asanas) of beginner's classical yoga.

4. Intermediate Classical Yoga
Covers more challenging asanas, optional pranayamas and kriyas, and meditation techniques.

5. Advanced Yoga
Introduction to the philosophy and practice of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, especially meditation.  We will also discuss and explore other related traditional and modern practices.  

 6. Personalised Classical Yoga
Tailored to your specific fitness needs.

7.  Yoga  Therapy
Uses various yoga techniques to alleviate chronic conditions by promoting mind-body balance and self-healing. Examples of chronic conditions are:  back and neck pain,  hypertension, asthma,  knee pain, mental and physiological stress,  anxiety, indigestion,  insomnia, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.

8.  Chair  Yoga
For Seniors.